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Search Marketing Manager., Data supplied as of March 1, 2023. Pick a plan that suits your needs, and well see you on the other side. Bootstrapped by a small team with a big passion for tech and SEO. Join the Team. Big Internet companies are making suboptimal decisions to push market valuation. We see more and more ads in search results, in news feeds, everywhere, and not enough care for the people who are actually creating content. Ahrefs intends to stay independent and focus on helping people to make useful content and to make it more accessible, with the ultimate goal of building a search engine that shares profit with content creators. The tools we provide help you to improve your website, to find topics to write about and to track your websites performance. We guide you each step of the way with learning materials on our blog and Youtube channel. While all our learning materials and some of our tools will stay free, consider supporting us by subscribing to Ahrefs.

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