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These look likenaturalorganic traffic and organic keywords graphs. It looks like they peaked and slowly had some losses of keywords and search traffic but nothingtooextreme. On the right side of the page, there is acountry breakdownfor their keywords and traffic as well as a list of theirtop 10 competing domains. We do not usually look at these things too much, but the top 10 competing domains list could be pretty useful if you want to do a quick domain comparison, or if youre trying toreverse engineerthe competition. You generally want to see keywords/traffic for the countries the site isactually targeting. That brings us to the end of how we use Ahrefs Site Explorer Overview page to begin a site audit. Let us continue using Ahrefs Site Explorer tool for another one of its built-in features: the Backlink profile Anchors overview page.:
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I can't' find any alternative to ahrefs bcz they provide very near-to-accurate data but the monthly billing is very high it's' okay for me but not for many others you have to launch a new economy plan under 50$ it may help users who have small sites and they don't' want to spend a lot and it increases your revenue as well.
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Take free courses. Watch video tutorials on our Youtube channel. Look for How to use guides within our interface. Get access to Ahrefs Insider, our private community, where you can bounce ideas and questions off SEO-obsessed marketers who have seen it all. Ask our customer support team via live chat 24/5, or just poke us on Twitter. We're' always happy to help. Join our SEO community. Youre gonna love Ahrefs. Marketers from all kinds ofbusinesses turn to Ahrefs togrow their search traffic. Pro SEOs Content marketers Enterprise Agencies SaaS Ecommerce. Ive been using Ahrefs for over 8 years and I just cant see myself running our online business without it at this point. Ahrefs provides us with detailed and in-depth data that we need to make strategic decisions. Plus, it is fun and always getting better. If Ahrefs didnt exist, Id probably quit SEO. Using Ahrefs data to plan our content strategy helped us increase visits to our blog by over 200 compared to the previous year. Head of content SEO., Ahrefs is like the Swiss Army knife of my content marketing tool kit and Venngage would not have been able to get to where we are without it.
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Visit 'Plugins' Add New. Search for 'Ahrefs' SEO. Install Ahrefs SEO once it appears. Activate Ahrefs SEO from your Plugins page.; Go to after activation below. Upload the 'ahrefs-seo' folder to the wp-content/plugins directory.; Activate the Ahrefs SEO plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.; Go to 'after' activation below. Click on the Ahrefs SEO tab.; You should see the Ahrefs SEO setup wizard.; Go through the setup wizard and follow the steps to connect Ahrefs to your site.; Voila, thats it - youre ready to use the plugin! Can I use the plugin if I am not a paying customer of Ahrefs? Yes you can. You can opt for a free Authorization code during the plugin activation and perform a full content audit for your site. However, the free code is temporary and expires every few weeks, so youll have to reconnect the plugin each time this happens. I am a paying customer of Ahrefs. How does this affect my subscription? Your subscription of Ahrefs comes with Integration Rows that will be consumed with each API request. You can check the remaining balance in the plugin under 'Settings' or in your Ahrefs account under 'API' profile.
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It combines -: on-page SEO report- broken link checker- link highlighter- redirect tracer- user-agent switcher- country changer for search results.If you have a paid subscription with Ahrefs, you also get SEO metrics for the pages you visit and for the SERP results with export . IMPORTANT NOTE This extension does not give you free access to Ahrefs'' metrics. Heres how Ahrefs SEO Toolbar can make your everyday SEO work easier:1. On-page SEO reportWhen browsing any web page, click on the extension icon or use a keyboard shortcut to open an on-page SEO report which includes -: Title and Description for JS-powered websites, you can compare tags in raw HTML and on the rendered version -; Canonical URL -; Indexability and crawlability Robots Meta Tags, X-Robots-Tag, canonical tags -; Headers and sub-headers structure of content -; Word count -; Social tags Open Graph Tags and Twitter Cards -; Images.2. Link checker, broken link checker, and link highlighterOur extension can read all the outgoing links on a page and highlight them based on the filters that you set -: External links -; Internal links -; Nofollow links -; UGC links -; Sponsored links -; Their combination.Besides, you can check the status of external links and identify find broken links and redirects.3.
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This plan gives you one user, five campaigns the number of sites you can track in the Ahrefs dashboard, 300 tracked keywords per week, 25 domain crawls per day in the Site Explorer tool, and only three searches in the Keyword Explorer per day. There are also caps on the number of alerts, and the number of results you can export from Ahrefs'' backlinks and rankings indexes. The $149 per month Standard plan $179 month-to-month is the more feasible option for SMBs, upping the platform's' capacity to 10 campaigns, 1,000, tracked keywords updated every three days instead of weekly, 100 domains per day, and 50 keyword searches per day. Check Price Opens in a new window Read Our SEMrush Review.
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Ahrefs is located in Singapore, Central Region, Singapore. Who are Ahrefs 's' competitors? Alternatives and possible competitors to Ahrefs may include Searchmetrics, Ayima, and QLL. Choose the right Crunchbase solution for you. Start Your Free Trial. Subscribe to the Crunchbase Daily.
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Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian. You might also like. Screaming Frog SEO Spider. About the vendor. Founded in 2010. Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany and 6 others. Countries where the product is available. Note: Customer support may not be accessible in that country. Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian. Ahrefs videos and images. View 2 more. Compare Ahrefs pricing with similar products. Features of Ahrefs.
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10: Analyse YOUR Competitors to Find Keyword Content Gaps. Content gaps exist when your competitors rank for keywords that you dont rank for. Think about it.: If you could see what those keywords are, you could create content to compete with them and ideally outrank them. Heres how to find those keywords with Ahrefs.: Enter your domain into Site Explorer, then go to Organic Search Content Gap. Now, enter the domains of at least three competitors plus your domain in the but the following target doesnt rank for field. Hit show keywords. Bingo here are hundreds of keywords that at least one of your competitors rank for, yet you dont. Tip: Enter competitors with a similar Domain Rating DR score. This will ensure that the Content Gap analysis kicks back keywords you stand a chance of ranking for. If you enter as a competitor and you have a DR 40 site, the sad truth is that youre probably never going to outrank Moz.
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Ahref interface is user and beginner friendly, able to do keyword research of around 10 nos different search engine. My website pages backlinks can easily trackable. Content gap section provides good information by, assessing this section incan identify the content gap and work on it. Competitor analysis, backlink analysis, SEO audit is my problem area, Ahrefs solved this problem perfectly. I did not find any big issue, price is little overpriced. Last time it also reduces the quote. Every tools perfect tutorial can improve our user experience, for beginner its little bit confusing which tool to use.

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